How to Prepare a Wall for Painting

You look at your room; it looks dull, now you grab a paintbrush and your favorite paint and decide to paint down the whole wall. But wait, is the wall prepared properly to paint? If you aren’t aware, let me tell you that the space you are about to color must be prepared thoroughly. I will guide you through this article on how to prepare a wall before you start painting on it!

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1.Firstly you have to clean the room properly. Broom and mop the floors, remove the spider webs if any. Remove the household accessories, move the installed home appliances to some other, and all the furniture. Clean the room, move the furniture to the other room or just simply cover it with an old piece of cloth or newspapers.

2. Once you have broomed and mopped the floors, spread some newspapers or a rugged carpet on the flow so that the paint drips do not dirty your space.

3. As you gear up to paint the wall, make sure to keep your skin and eyes safe from the paint. The paint colors are made from hazardous chemicals that can harm your skin, and paint causes inflammation that can hurt your eyes. To avoid all these, wear safety goggles, gloves, and aprons before you start painting on the wall.

4. Now get all the raw materials handy, from primer, paint, paint can opener, paintbrush, rollers, latex, etc., things that you feel needful.

5. Next up is to clean the walls. Scrape the old paint with sandpaper. Check if the walls have any cracks; if yes, then repair the gaps with some white cement or with some quick DIY fix that you can search on the web.

6. Once you have repaired the cracks, take a primer and apply it all over the wall and fix the cracked parts, prime the wall entirely. Make assured not to leave any corner.

7. Now take the section of the walls that you do not want to apply paint on. You can use a painter’s tape that is readily available in the market. You can also tape the parts you want to create a particular pattern or design on the wall.

8. Now your wall is ready to be painted. Start painting with your desired colors. A pro tip would be to start painting the corners and then to the mid part of the wall. Towards the end, give a double coat of the paint. Give a final touch to ensure that you have not left any white space. That is it now you can proudly look at the wall that you have painted all by yourself.

Phew! That was so easy. No kidding but painting is an art whether you do it on a canvas or a wall. And if you follow some easy peasy rules, you get the best results.

This was all about how to prepare a wall for painting. What other blog posts interest you? Tell us more in the comments and also check our other posts too.

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